Best Mountain Bike of 2017

Biking can be a fun activity to take part in, especially when a biker is a bit on the adventurous side. Whether they want to do tricks on dirt roads or climb up a mountain, going biking is one of the most popular activities when on an adventure. But just like so many adventures to do, there are also many kinds of bikes to ride for them. These bikes cater to specific environments that make the experience an even more enjoyable one. One such bike is the mountain bike.

Mountain bikes are increasing in popularity because of how social media is portraying it. There are many videos that showcase the thrill of going mountain biking, all the while promoting the bikes themselves. But for those who are still looking forward to buy one, it can be a tough decision because of the many options to choose from.

mountain bike under $2000

What makes a good mountain bike?

  • Stable Suspension Forks
  • Speed and Power
  • Decent Price Range

Scott Contessa Spark 710 Plus

For those who love to speed things up a bit, the Scott Contessa Spark 710 Plus will cause electrical surges from how fast this mountain bike can go. It is a great addition to the mountain biking community because it gives a chance to those who are smaller in size. Many mountain bikes are far too big for shorter riders to be comfortable riding on. But with this new product that costs just about five thousand dollars, shorter bikers can enjoy the thrill of the speed and power while being comfortable riding them at the same time.

Some specifications include a size difference in men’s and women’s, with the men’s being 28.2 pounds and the women’s being 28.4 pounds in weight. It’s iconic Scott Contessa design highlights the brand with the green and lime green hue as well as the black tinted tires.

Marin Rift Zone Pro

Aside from the fact that this product is so aesthetically pleasing to look at, the Marin Rift Zone Pro is a full-suspension bike that can take pretty much any terrain. From the fork and the wheels, to the dropper and drivetrain, this mountain bike is ideal for those who just finished doing cross country and are looking to recover from the physical strain on their legs, but at the same time not lose their fitness. This 27.2-pound bike is capable of rear travel that can reach up to 110 millimeters, giving it an edge over others during competition.

It is hard to decide which one is the best mountain bike because of the many products out there that are worth every penny. The mountain bikes mentioned above all have the qualities of being the best mountain bike so all you have to do is to choose. It is important to check the specifications to see if the mountain bike has quality suspension forks and decent speed and power at a considerable price range. It all depends on the preference of the biker and the purpose of biking to know what the best mountain bike is.

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